Brian Flippo

Chief Executive Officer / Chairman of the Board

Brian started with the company in 1974 working part time before attending the University of Maryland. He began working in estimating and project management, was promoted to Senior Estimator in 1988, and to Chief Estimator in 1990. In 1992 he was promoted to Vice President, and in 1999 to Executive Vice President. In 2011 he became the company's Chief Executive Officer. Brian describes Flippo as a customer service oriented company: "We think that's one of the biggest reasons for our success. We're sensitive to our customers' needs; we build safe, productive, quality projects, delivering them within budget and on time."


Greg Mehallick

President / Chief Operating Officer

Greg came to the company as Safety Director in 1988, was promoted to Human Resources Manager in 1990 and then to Vice President in 1996. In 2011 he became President and Chief Operating Officer responsible for the daily operation of the company. "I work for our employees and am 100% committed to each and every one of them, both professionally and personally. They are the heart and soul of this company and deserve a great place to work in a safe environment."


Jeff Flippo

Executive Vice President

Jeff started working part time with Flippo Construction in 1975 and then full time in 1977. He worked in Operations holding various crew and supervisory positions. He was promoted to Equipment Manager in 1992 and became responsible for developing the companies first long term plans for equipment and facility repair and replacement. In 1995 he was promoted to Vice President and Executive Vice President in 2011. Jeff is responsible for the day-to-day operations of our Service Division, Equipment Department and company facilities. He has always believed strongly that "Our people are our greatest asset and Flippo Construction has always been blessed with good people."


John Morgan

Vice President

John joined Flippo in 1997, and worked as an Estimator before advancing to Senior Estimator in 2006. In 2009 John served as Senior Project Manager of the Heavy/Concrete Division. John was promoted to Vice President in 2012 to oversee the field operations and project management functions relating to our utility, bridge, and heavy construction.  John is currently overseeing Estimating and procuring work for the company.



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