Greg Mehallick

Chief Executive Officer / Chairman of the Board

Greg Graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a B.S Degree in Mining/Industrial Safety Engineering. He joined the company as Safety Director in 1988, was promoted to Human Resources Manager in 1990 and then to Vice President in 1996. In 2011 he became President and Chief Operating Officer responsible for the daily operation of the company. In 2017 he became CEO/COB, the highest ranking corporate office.

 "I work for our employees and am 100% committed to each and every one of them, both professionally and personally. They are the heart and soul of this company and deserve a great place to work in a safe environment."


John Morgan

President / Chief Operating Officer

John Graduated from Penn State University with a B.S. degree in Structural Design and Construction Engineering, as well as an Associate Degree in Mechanical Engineering. He joined Flippo in 1997, and worked as an Estimator before advancing to Senior Estimator in 2006. In 2009 John served as Senior Project Manager of Flippo’s Heavy and Concrete Construction Division. During this time John worked on projects such as the Route 15/29 Bridge for VDOT, (this was the first rapid replacement bridge project in Northern Virginia which successfully reduced the impact on drivers by 80%), the 11th Street Bridge Reconstruction in SW, Washington, DC, and many others. John was promoted in 2012 to Vice President where he oversaw the field operations and project management functions relating to our utility, bridge, and heavy construction areas. In October 2017, John took on the position of President and Chief Operating Officer where he oversees the day to day operations of the company.

 “For over 45 years Flippo Construction Company has been providing our clients with safe and quality construction projects. One of our biggest attributes as a company is our employee’s attention to detail. This enables us to provide the best service on even the most difficult types of work. We are very fortunate to have many versatile and experienced employees who are up for any challenge that is presented to them.”


Gary Christensen

Vice President of Operations

Gary Graduated from Brigham Young University with a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering. Gary brings a vast amount of experience to Flippo Construction. Prior to joining Flippo, Gary worked in Project Management for large General Contractors where he managed many construction projects in the private development area, notably serving as infrastructure Project Manager of the Home to the Washington Redskins. Jack Kent Cook stadium, which was completed in a record 17 months. In 1997 he joined Flippo Construction’s Management Team, where he served as Heavy Division Manager. In 2001, Gary returned to the private development market where he successfully oversaw the construction of other land mark projects such as 20 M Street, the first Gold LEED office building in Washington, DC, as well as the construction of the Owner changes at the Washington National’s Stadium and 1757 Golf Club. Gary returned to Flippo in June 2017 as Vice President of Operations to oversee all Field Operations for the company.

“Flippo has established itself as leader in their market with the ability to do very challenging projects in an increasing complex market. This is due our people which is our greatest asset.”


Lorraine Pender

Treasurer / Secretary

Lorraine has over 30 years of experience in construction accounting and computer IT.  Prior to Flippo, Lorraine helped a small company start from scratch and built it into a $10 million company.  She joined the Flippo team in 1997 as a Sr. Staff Accountant in charge of Payroll and Accounts Receivable.  She was promoted to Accounting Manager in 2000 and ran all aspects of our every day operations of the accounting department.  She then became Treasurer in 2011 and added Secretary to her titles in 2017. 

“I love being part of such a great team of hard working, dedicated employees.  I most enjoy the everyday challenges at Flippo and helping our team grow for the better of the shareholders of the company.”




Brian Flippo

Consultant Manager/ Board of Directors Member

Brian started with the company in 1974 working part time before attending the University of Maryland. He began working in estimating and project management, was promoted to Senior Estimator in 1988, and to Chief Estimator in 1990. In 1992 he was promoted to Vice President, and in 1999 to Executive Vice President. In 2011 he became the company's Chief Executive Officer. Brian retired this position at Flippo in 2017 but remains an important part of the company as a Consultant Manager and member of the Board of Directors. Brian describes Flippo as a customer service oriented company: "We think that's one of the biggest reasons for our success. We're sensitive to our customers' needs; we build safe, productive, quality projects, delivering them within budget and on time."


Jeff Flippo

Consultant Manager / Board of Directors Member

Jeff started working part time with Flippo Construction in 1975 and then full time in 1977. He worked in Operations holding various crew and supervisory positions. He was promoted to Equipment Manager in 1992 and became responsible for developing the companies first long term plans for equipment and facility repair and replacement. In 1995 he was promoted to Vice President and Executive Vice President in 2011. Jeff retired this position at Flippo in 2017 but remains an important part of the company as a Consultant Manager and member of the Board of Directors. He has always believed strongly that "Flippo’s people are its greatest asset and Flippo Construction has always been blessed with good people."